Yahoo Site Explorer Alternative

Yahoo Site Explorer has been close as the search results of yahoo have been acquired by bing governed by microsoft. An alternative to Yahoo Site Explorer is much needed as it used to provide really useful information to SEO webmasters. Often Search Engine Optimisation is done by finding out backlinks of competitor’s website. This approach helps the SEO professionals to find out how competitor is promoting website. Yes there are many other tools like google alerts which can be helpful to find out what the competitor is doing, however in order to get backlinks of any given website, the yahoo site explorer was in indispensable tool.

With the closure of yahoo site explorer, various alternative options or tools have a nice seo market to cash out. There are many options available to find out backlinks or inbound links of any given website. You will find many websites offering such information on a trial basis or sort of crippled version. Alternatives to yahoo site explorer will give you partial inbound links or will ask you for a trial. The Yahoo Site Explorer was really great tool which provided correct & up-to-date information. As iterating whole web is really tough task, alternative ways to find out backlinks of any given website charge a good amount of money, often on a monthly basis.

Few of the Yahoo Site Explorer alternatives that this author found were blekko dot com, open site explorer, etc. In case you do find a free and better alternative to Yahoo Site Explorer which gives you complete inbound links and not a crippled or partial set of backlinks, please do drop a line to the author of this post, so that it can be added here for everybody’s benefit. The best part of internet is that it is open to all and everybody can get related information and compete with each other. Yahoo Site Explorer has been replaced by Bing Websmaster tools and it seems like it is not a comprehensive alternative, but let’s keep our options open and compete well with our competitors.