Why Sulekha Yellow Pages Sucks for Advertisers ?

Sulekha Yellow Pages does sucks for advertisers due to various reasons. When Sulekha Employees contact a possible advertiser, they promise lots of business and yet they do not give anything in writing. According to numerous complaints against sulekha dot com online , they do promise false number of leads and they do not provide customer support. In many cases sulekha executives just vanish when the advertiser comes to know that the number of business leads promised to him / her were fake and wishes to get advertisement money back from sulekha. Moreover Sulekha Yellow Pages is not as popular destination for visitors looking for some products or services.

Even in best case, paid sulekha yellow pages such as sulekha dot com sends an sms everytime a visitor enquires about related service or business offerings. As Sulekha dot com will send an sms to all the advertisers, each advertiser is supposed to call the possible customer and find out whether he / she can lure the visitor in taking a business product or service from him / her. Due to this business model, all the advertisers have to compete against each other, spend efforts in luring the customer and if the number of leads promised by sulekha dot com comes out to be fake, an advertiser ends up paying good deal of money to sulekha dot com, compete against other advertisers for every enquiry and finally end up in loosing out money to sulekha dot com, wasting out efforts in trying to attract the possible customers and loosing out interest in online advertisements.