Why not to Advertise on Sulekha

Sulekha offers various options to advertise on sulekha using sulekha classifieds, sulekha yellow pages and other sub domains. On this website you will find another post which will talk about the various advertisement options provided by sulekha. This post will emphasize on why you should not consider to advertise on sulekha website. This post will also provide you enough proof of everything said in this post, so that you can get results from your advertisement efforts.

Let’s get started and explore, why sulekha is not a very promising website to advertise on. Open up google and search for Sulekha Complaints, you will find many users complaining about unethical measures followed by sulekha staff to extract money from you. You will also find various types of complaints against sulekha, also note the date on which people post the complaint on internet and you will find that as you read this post, other indian businessmen are being cheated right now and everybody does not posts their grievance on internet for you to find.

Apart from unenthical ways and false promises of sulekha, there are many other reasons as well due to which you might not be really interested in advertising on sulekha. Sulekha Classifieds is one of the sub domains on which sulekha employees sell advertisements in the form of banner advertisements and they also sell paid classifieds on sulekha classifieds. Number of visitor to Sulekha Classifieds is really a small portion of visitors to sulekha website. Now when selling advertisements on this particular classifieds website, the sales representative / executive might not tell the actual number of visitors. Taking into consideration that only small number of visitors visit to sulekha classifieds and the huge amount of money sulekha expects you to pay initself explains the cheating and fraud being done by sulekha to it’s advertisers.

Sulekha Yellow Pages is another sub domain on which sulekha executives sell advertisements in the form of business leads or banner advertisements. Yes Sulekha YellowPages is also a scam to indian advertisers and is only a legal way to earn money from indian business community whereby indian advertisers finally gets problems only without any actual business. Sulekha sells enquiries from visitors to advertisers in the name of business lead. Sulekha promises fixed number of leads to advertisers and when sulekha fails to deliver the agreed number of leads, they will just stop communicating with that particular advertisers & in case an advertiser faces any issue, sulekha will not offer any type of customer support. In case you are still interested in advertising on sulekha yellowpages, please do find out whether sulekha classifieds is actually popular in your city or not. Trust your decision powered by the appropriate information and in case you trust only what sulekha executive has to say, you will not only loose your money to them, but you might end up in fighting for you money back from sulekha.

There are other sub domains of sulekha as well on which sulekha executive can lure into. In case you do not have much of technical information about websites or you do not fully understand why this post is saying not to advertise on sulekha, i guess you must get a 3rd opinion from a friend or a person who understand websites , traffic and other such things. Remember once you pay to sulekha for some sort of advertisement, there is no coming back and sulekha is not going to return your money, even if the sulekha executive told you lies or made false promises.