Why does Sulekha Employees do not care about advertiser’s business ?

Sulekha yellowpages is one of the scam type websites and the employees doing job in sulekha doe not care about advertiser’s business. Sulekha Yellowpages has been designed with worst business model which finally is giving problems to lots of ¬†advertisers. I guess they are given some target every month and they only think about completing their target sales & once the banner or lead sale is completed, they go after other advertisers and try to get more & more business for sulekha.

If i would have been an employee of sulekha, i guess i would also care only about the business coming to sulekha and business of advertisers would not have been my responsibility. However there is one thing called job satisfaction, which is something sulekha employees get only by getting more & more business to sulekha and lots of perks for themselves. Whenever i see a complaint or a bad review about sulekha, i feel that i am not the only one who has been cheated by sulekha staff, there are lots of other advertisers out there who are being cheated as i write this post about sulekha yellowpages and there are many more who will be cheated by sulekha’s false promises really soon.

Yes even if sulekha employees know and understand that they are cheating advertisers out there and everybody is complaining , there may not be anything that they can do. Rising voice with higher management is atleast they can do, however all the sales staff is so busy in getting business for sulekha that they almost forget that there is something wrong that they are doing. Not replying to emails of advertisers, not answering telephone calls of advertisers, making false promises to advertisers, providing no customer support once the sale is complete is only few of the practices that sulekha sales employees are doing.

Huge investment from venture capitalists seems to be one of the major driving force of a invalid business model. It seems to me that if sulekha employees keeps on cheating to advertisers, it would not take long for sulekha yellopages, classifieds and other subdomains to close out. Sulekha’s CEO Satya Prabhakar even thought of getting money through launching Sulekha IPO, thankfully the Sulekha IPO could not make it to financial market and in another failed attempt, sulekha tried to expand the sulekha classifieds to sify users and failed so drastically that sify classifieds no longer exists.

Will all the failures together affect sulekha employees ? Nops i do not think that any of above will matter to sulekha employees, they are getting paid to make false promises, why they will be bothered about time and money wastage of advertisers ? Sulekha Employees are getting salary to make more & more sales  and when advertisers do not get any sort of returns, sulekha employees can always find new business to fall into their prey and pay huge amount of money. Hey Sulekha Sales Team, keep on doing whatever you are doing, i.e. cheating fellow indian business community, making profit only for sulekha and for yourself.