What to consider when shopping on Sulekha.com ?

Sulekha.com has lots of stuff for sale including mobiles, electronic gadgets, books, gifts and much more. As of writing this post, they do not offer cash on delivery as a payment method and accepts Credit Card, Debit Card and even Net Banking. Is there anything that you should consider when shopping on Sulekha.com or just go ahead and place your order ? Well technically speaking there seems nothing wrong with deals and other offers from sulekha.com and i guess most of the things will be going fine.

Shopping become complex if you read terms and conditions of sulekha deals. When shopping on sulekha.com, they display payment, refund and return policy information which is really great. However what they do not display or ask you to accept is that actually when placing your order on sulekha.com, you are making payment to sulekha.com but they do not have any products to sell. Yes according to terms and condition of Sulekha Deals, they do not stock any of the products sold on sulekha.com and it is actually some other service provider who is going to send you the items purchased. Yes this can be really shocking information in case you read terms and conditions of sulekha deals or any other related document on sulekha.com.

Yes Sulekha.com is accepting the payment and in their terms and conditions, they say that Sulekha is not a party to any transaction between user placing the order and actual vendor providing the products. Yes could not have imagined this and before making the payment, there is no information about the vendor who is going to ship the product. Sulekha.com is saying that all their products are original and in their terms and conditions they are saying that sulekha.com is not the actual vendor. In case Sulekha.com is not actually selling the products, then why they are making guarantee about the authentication of products ? Vendors at Sulekha.com whose name and identity is hidden must be promising that they are going to ship original products or may be the original product guarantee displayed at Sulekha.com pages is some sort of trciky legal thing for a common person to understand.

In case you do have full trust in products of sulekha.com powered deals, it might not be a good idea to read the terms and conditions. In case you are a first time shopper on sulekha deals or any other product / service provided by sulekha.com, having a look at the terms and conditions might not be a bad idea. Do not google sulekha complaints or any other related words to read about whether there are any issues with products sold by sulekha.com or you might find yourself reading lots of stories from actual people complaining about various products or services by sulekha.com. When placing an order on sulekha.com, they do not prominently show you the terms and conditions page, yes the terms and conditions page is there at the bottom which might not be eye catching when placing an order on sulekha.com. Yes FlipKart does displays the terms and conditions link prominently before accepting any payment on their website and they even offer Cash on Delivery for various products sold on their website. Yes author feels that FlipKart and other Websites  are much better for online shopping as compared to Sulekha Deals. After having a close look at products sold on sulekha.com and after reviewing the terms and conditions of sulekha deals, author could not establish whether sulekha.com is actually selling products with responsibility or customers are at the mercy of some hidden vendors or with sulekha customer care.