Website with No Visitors

In case you do have a website, but no visitors visit your website, this post might be helpful to you to find out what the issue might be. Yes you can get a professional to look into the matter, but if you do understand few of the technical bits yourself, then it might be helpful to communicate with your SEO professional or even when doing the research yourself. This post will provide few websites and tools that can be really helpful to understand why there are no visitors to your website.

The basic rule for getting visitors to your website is that your website needs publicity. Yes your website needs publicity so that people know that your website is there and they can visit your website. Advertising a website can be done in many ways such as putting in adverts in newspapers, local media such as television, radio advertisements or even on internet. Publicity for your website can be done by SEO companies or in case you do have time, you can do a little bit yourself as well.

In case you would like to have visitors to your website from search engines such as google, bing, etc, your website would need to follow few rules. The first rule for the website to be actively visible in search engines is to use as little flash as possible. Yes websites using flash or other animation looks brilliant, but search engines cannot read and interpret it. Other things to take care is submit your website to google using google webmaster tools, track visitors using tracking service such as google analytics, research for keywords using google trends and learn a little about Search Engine Optimisation. Yes there are other ways of advertising your website online apart from google as well which work in a different way. Depending on your website type, type of services / products offered, competition for your website, you can get most out of your online advertisement campaigns.