Visitor Traffic Analysis between Domain and Sub Domains

This post talk about comparing number of visitors by taking an example domain and two sample sub domains. Sub Domains normally created to represent different sections of a given website or company. In this example we will analyse an online advertisement website and will compare traffic with two sub domains. The analytics tool used here is google trends for websites.

Let’s start with a brief description of the sample website. In another post we will further analyse these subdomains with more analytics tools. The example domain here is which is popular in India and has lots of sub domains. The post Domains and Sub Domains from Search Engine perspective talked about various aspects of domains and sub domains whereas the post Google Trends for Websites analysed the domain and displayed the website popularity in a country wise manner and eveny displayed a state wise popularity chart.

Now this post will further analyse the same website and will display comparison in number of visitors between and other two sub domains (i.e. sulekha classifieds and sulekha news). Have a look at the given below figure which displays comaprison chart between domain and sub domain.

Number of Visitors comparison between domain and sub domain
Domain and Sub Domain Traffic Comaprison between Domain and Sub Domain

Note that blue line displays traffic analysis for, red line of for yellowpages and orange line of for news section of The figure above says most of the visitors visit’s main domain and it also says that classified sub domain is mostly popular in Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Delhi, etc. In order to view the comparison , all you need to do is open up google trends for websites and enter domain or sub domains to compare seperated by comma and find traffic anaysis and comaprison between various domains and sub domains.