Talking to Employee ?

In case you are an advertiser and are speaking to employee, where he / she is selling you some sort of advertisements or lead based service, this post will outline few things that might be really useful. First of all ask the employee whether he / she can offer you some free trial advertisement or not ? Most of the 3rd part software applications, even operating system by Microsoft are offered on a try before buy basis. Software and Web based companies offer trial to the customers, so that the customer can try the product or service and in case he / she likes the service or product offered by the company, a deal can be made.

Microsoft offers free trial of Windows 7 for 90 days, when negotiating about an advertisement sale with employee, do ask whether you can get a free trial or not ? Well Microsoft is confident of their operating system and hence they offer trial, check if guys are confident of the advertisement they are selling or not? Few of the given below questions might be really useful while talking to a representative about a banner advertisement sale or even for leads based advertisement offered by .

  • Can a Sales Representative give a free trial of their advertisement products / services ?
  • Can Employee give written confirmation about number of leads generated for any given category during the last month, last 6 months ?
  • Do they have a refund policy ? In case yes, which city’s office handles the refund ?

In case you are talking to a representative, it might not be a bad idea to record the conversation and before making the recording, tell the representative that i am going to record this telephonic conversation. Trust me when you would not get anything out of your advertisement efforts and money to, you would need everything including telephonic conversation recordings, any email communication, customer care number of and help of consumer court.