Sulekha Yellow Pages Jhols

Sulekha Yellow Pages is a service run by Sulekha New Media Pvt Ltd in which people can find any type of service. Sulekha Yellow Pages allow business people to list their businesses / services so that visitors looking for appropriate service can contact the selected business or service provider using address details, email address or website listed for that service provider. Sulekha Yellow Pages allow business people to get listed for free on sulekha yellow pages and also provide paid or premium listing options. They also provide banner listings so that visitors can view the banner and probably navigate to the business website. The cost of being listed as premium / preferred business provider is much lower than advertising using a banner on sulekha yellow pages.

All about sulekha yellow pages sounds well, unless a person takes a deep look into what’s all in sulekha yellow pages. The Business model sounds of Sulekha Yellow Pages sounds good as well, however Sulekha Marketing executives are probably selling advertisements on sulekha yellow pages in a little bit in appropriate manner. Google around sulekha complaints with current year or month and you will find that even today many people are being cheated by sulekha dot com for making false promises, offering fake number of leads, or if you ask your money back, the sulekha representative who offered you a deal might also disappear.

Number of Unique Visitors per month to Sulekha Yellow Pages

Number of Unique Visitors per month to Sulekha Yellow Pages

In case you have made up your mind to get listed on Sulekha Yellow Pages, best of luck to you and i heartily wish that advertising on Sulekha be the best decision. However if you are unsure or looking for another opinion, have a look at the number of unique visitors to sulekha yellow pages as displayed in the figure, or the best option would be to ask the sulekha representative to give you some proof of how many visitors come to sulekha yellow pages. In case the sulekha representative promises you or tells you anything only in verbal, record it or ask him / her to send that information in confirmation by email.

This whole website is dedicated to expose sulekha dot com in exposing their inappropriate business techniques. Do visit to the links displayed on the right hand side of this page where you can find the exact information you are looking for , view technical proofs and know how you can end up in advertising on sulekha and invite problems.