Sulekha Website desperate to earn money

Yes Sulekha Websites like sulekha classifieds , yellowpages and even main website of sulekha dot com are desperate to earn money. It seems like that now in desperation they are totally cheating advertisers and making lots of money for themselves and in turn wasting efforts and money of the advertisers. In case you have read the above sentences you would be curious to know what the hell this post is talking about or this is just a publicity stunt.

Now first of all you will agree that Sulekha is not going to share any traffic related data with anyone. In case you do not believe it, get the customer care number of sulekha and ask them yourself. Yes the author has tried once and of course they are not going to share any traffic related data. As Sulekha website runners are totally cheaters and just want to earn money for themselves , they will do anything to earn money and will not care anything about advertisers.

Sulekha Traffic Demographics

Who is visiting Sulekha

Yes there are free tools and websites which give you a rough idea of how many visitors a particular website is getting , what age group , etc. This is technically termed as demographics and do have a look at the given below image which is the demographics of sulekha website taken from alexa dot com. Yes this is a rough idea, but from the experience of author, this stands correct almost all the times.

This Figure Says that most the visitors of Sulekha are males and Sulekha is prompting to send Rakhi online. It seems that Sulekha guys have taken lots of money from some business provider and displaying advertisement for sending rakhi to brothers. Now does that advertiser knows that boys do not send rakhi to their brothers and is sulekha professionals are bothered about this data ? Nops i do not think so, they are just desperate to get revenue and do not care about their business partners.