Sulekha Success Stories

Are there any really success stories of sulekha website? When i googled internet, i could not locate a single link boasting of success stories on sulekha business to business website only. What might be the reason that there are no success stories published on internet about sulekha classifieds, yellowpages , business to business portal or any other sulekha’s service to business community? However if you google for sulekha complaints you will find tons of stories written by business oweners complaining for improper business methods employed by sulekha staff. normally sulekha people will just disappear once you tell them that you need customer support for services sold to you by sulekha employees.

In case sulekha classifieds, yellowpages or any other business service cheats you and sulekha employees are not ready to talk to you to resolve the issue, there is nothing you can do apart from seeking help from consumer court. The business model of sulekha about making false promises and advertising incorrect traffic stats to advertisers is making things worse for sulekha and for advertisers and hence it seems there are no success stories about sulekha business services.

Imagine why there are no success stories about Sulekha Business Services on internet whereas there are lots of complaints? Yes there can be many reasons, may be people who get cheated by sulekha are the only people who are interested in raising their voice on internet and people who got business from sulekha advertising services are not interested in sharing their views and invite competition or there can be many other reasons. However lots of complaints against sulekha (not only old dated complaints but new complaints as well adding up on internet almost everyday) & no positive statements or success stories on internet do indicate that yes sulekha advertisements are doing something fishy and they want money only for themselves and advertisers who advertise on sulekha can just go to consumer court & file their complaints.