Sulekha Reward Points Insight offers reward points to anybody who agrees to their terms and conditions and is totally free to join. This post digs deeper into points earned using sulekha reward points. Yes there is is a comprehensive page on about sulekha rewards as well. In case you are considering to join this scheme, you must checkout the currently offered terms and conditions of the reward points on website. The information provided on this post talks about sulekha reward points as they are displayed on on writing of this post. Author personally feels that, there might be very little changes in sulekha reward points scheme as internet has evolved to much a greater extent than it was few years back.

In order to start with detailed description of the Reward points, do visit Sulekha Reward Points FAQ to know how and for what you can redeem your reward points earned using sulekha reward points. For every 100 points earned , will redeem them in exchange of Rs 10. You get 250 points totally free only for joining the sulekha reward points. So once you join this points scheme of , you will have to earn atleast 750 points and then finally you will be able to redeem them for Rs 100. So this is the mathematics or output of spending efforts on sulekha reward points. For every 1000 points earned, you will be able to redeem them for Rs 100.

Let’s say you have collected 1000 points and you want your reward now. Now how to get your Rs 100 from ?, that’s sort of a difficult job. In order to redeem your points earned, you will have to buy something from and when making the payment you will be able to redeem your points earned. Buy something from and then redeem your reward points. Is there any other way to redeem reward points or you are forced to buy something from them ? Does send you cash against for earning reward points or buying from is the only option ? Sulekha Reward FAQ  talks about a payment gateway for redemption of reward points. The Payment Gateway is a term that related to online payments. Effectively it means that in order to redeem your reward points, you will have to buy something from and when making payment, you will be able to somehow redeem your points earned. Does that means that you will be able to shop for free on products / services offered by totally for free (amounting to the amount equivalent of points earned using reward points, which is Rs 100 for every 1000 points earned) there is a limit to the amount redeemable using sulekha reward points ? Author has no idea about that and it is something that sulekha customer support should be able to assist you with.

In case you have read above paragraphs about sulekha reward points, you should have an idea that for every 1000 points earned, you will be able to redeem your 1000 points in exchange of Rs 100 when shopping on So how easy is to earn reward points and get discount on products ? Have a look at the above figure and find out how you can earn sulekha reward points. You get 250 points just for joining and then rest is up to you on how much you are interested in earning reward points. The more the points you earn, the more discount you will be able to get from  & ofcourse you have to remember that for every 1000 points, you will get Rs 100 only. So for Rs 100, how much efforts are required ?  In case you have understood the concept and are happy in getting into it, go ahead, visit, checkout their latest reward point scheme and join the reward points scheme. In case you do have any questions Sulekha Customer Support should be able to guide you appropriately.