Sulekha Properties alternatives for Indian Properties

There are lots of better alternatives as compared to sulekha properties for indian properties. Whether you are looking forward to buy, sell or rent properties in Indian cities such as Chennai, Delhi, Banglore, Hyderabad , Kolkatta, Gurgaon, etc. There are good chances that Real Estate specific websites can give you better rewards for you efforts or property search. There are lots of real estate specific websites run by big companies which allow buyers or sellers to post free classifieds or even get faster results by paying in affordable charges.

You can even save on broker fee in case you can connect directly to the owner of the property or even connect with customer directly. Lots of Real Estate specific domains or websites can help you find whatever you are looking for. Whether you want to rent a flat or office in any indian city or buy plot for investment purpose or even lease out your office or building to appropriate company or person. Websites such as,,, and many other such indian indian properties specific websites can be worth spending money on as compared to sulekha properties classifieds. is popular for complaints from businesses, cheating out customers and lots of other such related scams. Sulekha Real Estate is another such service offered by Sulekha Media Pvt Ltd and seems like trying to earn money from property brokers, property builders and effectively increasing the price and charges paid by common people to property brokers or advertisers. Do visit real estate specific websites for all your real estate needs, get faster results in terms of buyers for your property, connect to owner of the property, save on brokerage fee and get the best for your efforts and time.