Sulekha Mobile Deals or Alternatives ?

Shopping for Mobile Online can save you money, make you aware of every technical detail of the mobile, allow you to virtually review your mobile, compare it with other models, etc. In case you are lured by Sulekha Mobile Deals and wanna read about practices followed, terms and conditions, etc, do have a look at Sulekha Deals Review.

Benefits of shopping for mobile online does have concerns as well. In case you do buy a mobile from a physical shop, you have the option to talk to the sales executive who can clarify any doubts, in some cases you can negotiate the price a little and you do actually get your mobile instantly by paying the money. The Shop Representative might not be able to tell you technical details but he/she should be able to show you a dummy mobile of the same model or may be actual phone as well.

Sulekha Deals offer mobile phones at competitive price & you are supposed to pay instantly and then sulekha deals will communicate this to the corresponding vendor (Nops i am not sure about this, but Terms and Condition of Sulekha Deals says that they just provide communication between you and some vendor and Sulekha themselevs are not responsible for anything). Once you have paid the money in full, you will have to wait for your mobile to get delivered to your address provided.

Sulekha Deals Mobile page did not displayed any information about which vendor is going to ship the mobile, seems like they do not accept Cash on Delivery , so effectively when you buy the mobile on sulekha deals, you have to pay the money in full and then wait until the vendor ships you the mobile. In case you are going to place your mobile order on sulekha deals, why not enquire about price of your selected mobile from your local shop ? In case your local shop owner asks a little bit higher price, you still have the advantage that you will get your mobile after the payment. With Sulekha Deals there is nothing you can do if your mobile does not arrives at your address apart from sending them emails or calling on phone. In case the mobile phone you ordered arrives with a broken screen or package is opened already, even then it seems like sulekha deals do not offer any kind of support.

Professional Online Shop for Mobile Shopping

Mobile Vendor providing support & mobile replacement

Yes Sulekha Deals Alternative vendors can provide you much required technical support & satisfaction whether you are shopping for mobiles or any other product(s). Online Shop displayed above is offering 30 Days Replacement Guarantee. The Online Shop’s name can be seen in the bottom left corner of the image. Watch closely on what this vendor is offering ? Replacement Guarantee, 24 Hours a Day Support and even Cash on Delivery, really fantastic. Let’s say you do find a mobile that costs Rs 1,000/- on Sulekha Deals and the alternative vendor is selling the same model for Rs 1,100/-, which one would you select ? Sulekha Deals might be luring you by asking for comparatively less price, but are they providing you enough confidence about the purchase you are going to make ? Does Sulekha Deals take ownership or responsibility of the money they take from you or just keep you money and show you terms and conditions that sulekha deals is not responsible ? Replacement Guarantee, 24 hours a day support, cash on delivery, full technical details of any mobile and many other related things are missing from sulekha deals website.