Sulekha failure stories

Yes there are lots of failures of sulekha, the only thing is that sulekha people hide it, so that they can fool indian and other people and extract money out of it. In case sulekha cannot make it forĀ themselves, how on earth they convince other people to give them business, prosper & grow? Good communication skills is what all sulekha staff has, without the power of successful business plan, they are just going to fool people and make things difficult for business community.

Why does sulekha still gets advertisers to pay? Ignorance & insufficient knowledge about internet is the only thing which allows sulekha to still continue. There are lots of businesses in which there is lots of money & everybody wants to prosper and here the sulekha sweet talks comes in , lure small & big business owners to make decisions that they regret later. Real Estate, Training, Website designing, Software development are few of the many areas where people do have lots of money but they just trust sulekha executives and spend money. Once a business owner gives money to sulekha new media pvt ltd, the monthly target of sulekha executives gets completed and they no longer provide customer support to their advertisers and few of such unsatisfied customers try to raise their voice through internet.

Out of many failures, sulekha though to launch Sulekha IPO, but they could not make it. Sulekha Classifieds made an agreement with Sify Classifieds to run classifieds subdomain of but again it was another failure. There are many other failed attempts of sulekha which people might not know, but sulekha guys do not know that on internet nothing can remain hidden. Sulekha Sangam was another such failed attempt in which sulekha tried to provide matrimony services to Indian people, but again sulekha technical staff or management guys could not make it either. Sulekha guys also tried to create an online petitions platform for indian people, but again technology moved faster and sulekha could not sustain it. Sulekha Select was another failed attempt, where sulekha tried to sell book, but again, internet says that the book only could be sold upto 2001 and now it is another dark chapter of sulekha. They also tried to provide free email accounts, but has anybody seen an email address with sulekha dot com ?

Yes there will be many other such failed attempts of sulekha to grow and prosper. In case sulekha cannot make it for themselves and cannot grow with technology, why do you think that they will be able to give you some business? In case you are still not convinced, google for sulekha complaints, or just go ahead and invite problems by advertising on sulekha classifieds, yellow pages and other scams run by sulekha dot com.