Sulekha failure JustDial Reality

Satya Prabhakar’s Sulekha failure to launch IPO becomes reality for JustDial’s Reality. Yes JustDial is all set to launch IPO and gather money from investors. Unlike Sulekha who gets visitors primarily from indian people looking for movie reviews, justdial gets visitors looking for business services. Yes JustDial also offers stuff like information about Movies, Events, Free Listings and much more.

Just like complaints against sulekha services, there are complaints against justdial services as well on internet. Well this website has analysed lot about sulekha dot com and not about justdial. One unique thing about justdial is that the website receives less number of visitors as compared to number of visitors to sulekha dot com. However from whatever information is publicily available for both the websites on internet using various traffic analysis tools, it seems like justdial receives visitors who are looking for some sort of business services.

Comparing Visitors between JustDial and Sulekha

Comparing the types of visitors to justdial, it seems like a better choice to advertise as compared to sulekha. Have a look at the traffic comparison between both websites, you will come to know that both of the websites are popular in Maharashtra, Delhi, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, etc.

Where you would advertise your products or services, given a choice to select from justdial or sulekha ? Note that visitors to justdial come specifically to look for some business or services, whereas visitors to sulekha come to read about movie reviews, read latest news, etc? Well if i have to decide, yes of course i would opt to advertise on justdial and not on sulekha. JustDial is also launching IPO, whereas Suelkha’s IPO could never make it to the market.