Sulekha Events

Sulekha Events is a service by sulekha dot com website and this post will talk about Sulekha Events review from search engine optimisation perspective. This Sulekha Events review might be helpful for advertisers looking to promote their events on sulekha events using by paying in sulekha some agreed amount. This post will also talk about sulekha events from user’s percpective. Given below paragraph outlines what all a person who buys ticket from sulekha events must take care of.

Also for a visitor buying tickets from sulekha events, they clearly state at the bottom of the buy now page that the ticket sale is non transferrable and non refundable. So people out there , do buy tickets from sulekha events only if you are 100% sure that you will be able to make it to the event for which you are buying tickets, as sulekha events is not going to refund you any money. Another important thing to note about buying tickets from sulekha events that the person whose credit card is being used to buy the tickets, must be present with you at the event. Sulekha Events also state that in case the person whose credit card was used to pay the money for buying the ticket could not make it to the event, no other person might be allowed to enter the event.

Given below information might be useful for a person looking for information about traffic to sulekha events, or an advertiser looking forward to know how many visitors visit sulekha events. Seems like Sulekha Events is popular in United States of America for a person who understands about Search Engine Optimisation, Websites etc, Sulekha Events is sort of scattered between main sulekha dot com domain and another sub domain. The Main domain of sulekha is used to buy tickets online and the other sub domain is the actual domain which provides information about events happening in selected locality. The traffic analysis of Sulekha Event has been taken from Google Trends for Websites.

Who visits Sulekha Events

Is Sulekha Events Popular

Have a close look at traffic analysis of Sulekha Events traffic provided by Google Trends for Websites. The Traffic analysis says that Sulekha Events was popular uptill Nov 2009 and after that, the popularity of Sulekha Events has gone down drastically. In case you do have a close look at the traffic analysis figure, you will note that there are blue dots after Nov 2009 in the figure at the bottom of the graph indicating that the number of visitors to sulekha events have dropped drastically. Another important thing to note here is that , this traffic estimation is just estimation by google trends and may not be 100% correct, however it should be good for a rough estimation.

In case you are planning to advertise on sulekha events & you are a potential customer to sulekha, you might even ask sulekha customer support to give you some estimation about the number of visitors to sulekha events. Sulekha staff in India does not provides such information to advertisers, however they may have different rules in United States or Canada.