Donations – Donate to Indian Rich Organisations Only ? is running a donation campaign providing support for organisations to accept donations from people living in America. Many times the donations are accepted by showing poverty in India but almost every Indian Organisation listed in Sulekha Donations has an office in America. When author visited the Sulekha Donations website, on the very first page, there was a photograph displaying poor indian people. Sulekha Donations is helping out organisations of Indian / Non Indian Origin and is accepting donations as charitable donations, tax deductible donations, etc from people living in America only.

Sulekha Donations are promoted as donations to India and and almost every Indian organisation has an office in America. In other words it seems like is supporting only those organisations who are sort of rich and can afford to have an office in America. Yes rich organisations do need donations as well, but what about those organisations who do do not have an office in America and are working towards betterment of Indian community from India only ?  For Indian organisations not having an office in America and looking forward to get donations for India can go for Payment Gateway Integration like PayPal which allows to accept online donations. For Indian NGOs PayPal charges minimal transaction fees so that the Indian Organisations get most out of the donation.

Yes is indeed after money, they provide mechanism for organisations to accept online donations and charge those organisations some percentage of the donations received. In case you are making some donation from Donation website, part of your donation will go to payment gateway, part of the donation will go to and the remaining part will actually go to the Organisation. Yes money is in fact needed to run a Donation Campaign and in this case is charging organisation and taking some donation percentage. It is in fact a good business model & from the donations listed on the sulekha donations website, it seems like they are making some money out of it as well.

Seems like is not targeting India actually for this Donation business. Either this business idea of donations of did not worked out profitable or the management guys at do not think that Indians can / will  donate or may be Indian Organisations are too much sophisticated and have their own payment gateway integration to accept online payments for donations or may be some other reasons, but effectively Donations is displaying the poverty of Indians & is accepting Donations from people in America only.

Would you donate to an Indian Organisation who cannot afford / do not have an office in America ? In case yes, seems like Sulekha Donations website is not for you. Author did tried to find some organisation located only in India, but the efforts went futile. Give it a try , do visit Sulekha Donations website and find out whether you can find an organisation located only in India in need of money for helping out poor indian people.

Want to Donate to India ? Do you have an American Credit / Debit Card ? In case you do not live in America, the Sulekha Donations Website is not for you. Sulekha Donations accepts payments only from people who have an American Credit / Debit Card.