Sulekha Deals Review & Hidden things

Yes is offering really lots of things like mobiles, gadgets, etc and many times they may be asking you a lower price as compared to other vendors shipping products in India. However this review will talk of things that you need to cater to before making any purchase at sulekha deals. Yes there are lots of products that can be bought from sulekha deals, let’s take on sulekha deals for mobiles for example review. There are many things you need to take care or understand so that when money is out from your pocket and into account, you do know what you have done by making a purchase at sulekha deals and what you are entitled to.

The First shocking thing about Sulekha Deals is that products sold on sulekha deals are not offered by sulekha new media pvt ltd and will not entertain any complaint about the product whatsoever. Even after making the purchase, if you do not receive your mobile or any other product from sulekha deals, the terms and conditions of sulekha deals, protect them and not you. In case you still do not trust the author of this post, do have a look at terms and conditions of sulekha deals.

Products are not Sold by as per terms and conditions of Sulekha Deals as declared on 15/12/2011 . So Products on Sulekha Deals are not offered by or Sulekha New Media Pvt Ltd, then who is selling the products on Sulekha Deals ? Whom to contact in case you buy a product from Sulekha Deals and it does not gets delivered. What to do if the product bought from Sulekha Deals arrives faulty or damaged ? Who is the Vendor selling products on Sulekha Deals ? Can you contact the vendor from whom you might be purchasing a mobile, camera or any other electronic gadget. Is there any refund policy for products sold on Sulekha Deals ?.

In case you have read the above paragraph, you might not be very keen on saving few rupees on sulekha deals in exchange of total blind sale on sulekha deals. It seems like Sulekha Deals is just selling products and then they do not have any responsibility of whether you do get your bought product or whether it arrived damaged or anything else. After reading terms and conditions and having a look at few mobiles on sulekha deals, there was no information about which vendor is actually going to ship me the mobile, camera or any other electronic gadget.

Seems like just wants to make money in unprofessional ways. When browsing through sulekha deals, it will totally appear to you that you are going to buy product(s) from as on this date they are not disclosing which vendor is going to ship me the product(s). This Review of Sulekha Deals unravels the mystery about sulekha deals. For saving few rupees, you might not wish to stay in total darkness. Searching online for sulekha deals complaints might give an insight into whether anybody has been cheated by sulekha deals. Remember everybody do not write on internet about their complaints about sulekha deals or any other service provided by . In the current format of sulekha deals, the author of this post cannot dare to buy a mobile or any other product from sulekha deals. The author of this post will post another blog post which will talk more about Sulekha Deals and possibly compare with some other vendor shipping products when users place order online. This review of Sulekha Deals indeed shows unprofessional ways currently employed by sulekha deals to just make money and do not care about buyers of products on sulekha deals.