Sulekha Customer Support

In case you are looking for customer support of sulekha after purchasing some premium listings or banner advertisements then welcome to the club of dis-satisfied customers of sulekha and be ready to have your concern converted to complaint against sulekha. Yes there is customer support of sulekha but only untill you have not paid the money. Once you have paid the money for some sort of advertisements, there are good chances that there is nobody going to listen to you or even if they listen they are not going to solve any issue whatsoever.

The Author has seen lots of complaints against sulekha online on various websites. Your concerns may be product or service not delievered, your credit card charges inappropriately, false number of leads promised to you and in case you have not fallen into the prey yet, be cautious. Google for Sulekha Complaints and you will know what other Indians have faced, they have spent lots of time asking their money back or for appropriate customer support but as said earlier, the customer support of sulekha is actually potential customer support only. Once you become a paid member after paying in a hefty amount of money to sulekha , there are good chances that there will be no customer support for you and you will be reading this blog post.

In case you have not yet fallen into the prey of sulekha classifieds, yellowpages or any other business related stuff, hold your breath, google around to know what other people are facing, look for dates, was someone affected recently? or browse this website or even find a good alternative of sulekha so that you will not have to search google for customer support of sulekha.

In case you have paid hard earned money to sulekha group and looking for customer support, ask yourself why the hell you are looking for customer support telephone numbers or email id’s on internet and reading this post? Is Sulekha group responsible to provide it’s customers appropriate telephone numbers and email id’s. Author of this post was also searching internet for sulekha customer support, found few telephone numbers, most of them only rang and nobody picked up. Yes have your own experience with customer support of sulekha classifieds and other business oriented offerings.