Sulekha Customer Care

Looking for Customer Care Number of Sulekha ? In order to communicate with Sulekha you have two options as per the author’s understanding. The First option is to dial the toll free customer care number , unfortunately i could not remember it at the time of writing this blog post & the last time i tried to call that number starting from 1800, nobody was available to pick it up, so i will skip it here. Yes there are other options, just normal telephone numbers according to the office of sulekha to which you wish to communicate to.

The author could locate many of the customer care numbers of sulekha and are given below. In case any of the numbers have changed or sulekha customer care is not providing you appropriate customer support to you, please do tell us your story and we can publish it on internet so that others also know how effective sulekha customer care numbers are. Technical team of sulekha is probably in Chennai and various sales & marketing teams can be communicated by dialling in various telephone numbers as mentioned below. In case you have paid for placing your advertisements on sulekha yellowpages or classified and are not satisfied with the services offered by the sulekha staff or from the website, please be patient as there may not be any type of customer support for you.

Sulekha’s Office in Chennai can be contacted by either of the two telephone numbers , i.e. 044-30213000 Or 044-43455800, yes there is a fax number as well and it is 044-30214045.

Kolkata office of Sulekha can be dialed by dialing in the customer care number 033-39886655.

In case you want to connect to Mumbai Office of Sulekha which is located in Malad, you can dial 022 – 39886655 Or 022-42443900, in case you would like to send in a fx, please try to communicate with the customer care team whether the fax number of sulekha’s mumbai office is 022- 30447755 and so that appropriate person of sulekha is available to accept your fax. In case you do have a scanner handy, you can even scan the document & send it by email.

Sulekha’s pune office is located in Shivaji Nagar and can be contacted at 020 – 39886655. The author did not had the oppurtinity to visit any of the sulekha’s offices, but read somewhere on internet that all types of financial transactions are authorised by Chennai Office and even in case you wish to have a word with some technical person, you would need to connect to the Chennai office of Sulekha.

Customer Care Number or probably general contact number of Ahemadabad office seems to be 079 – 39886655. Yes Sulekha has opened up lots of offices all over and to me it seems like they all are sales teams with chennai handling all types of decision making in terms of technical stuff and if they ever give any refund whatsoever, probably it will be issued by the chennai office. In case you are looking for customer care number of a city not listed here, give a call to chennai office, i suppose they should be able to direct you to the appropriate person.

040 – 39886655 And 040 -44525252 seems to be the customer care numbers of the hyderabad branch. In case nobody picks up the phone in hyderabad, the number listed here might have changed or they are on a holiday or they do not want your calls. Yes you can spend a little more and try out other cities and get the appropriate customer care representative to talk to you.

In case you would like to know the customer care number of sulekha’s Delhi office, yes we do have two numbers for you as well. As Delhi’s Customer Care of Sulekha is located in Noida, you would need to dial any of the Noida numbers i.e. 0120 – 3988665 or 0120 – 4073600. In case you would prefer to send a fax to customer care of delhi, fax seems to be present as well in Sulekha’s Noida office, get hold of some customer care representative, ask him / her about the fax number. Now a days emails are really fast and hence can be a good alternative to fax.

Customer Care of Banglore seems to be in Shivaji Nagar. Try calling 080 – 39886655 or 080 – 44525252, probably they will work fine.