Sulekha Court Cases can be converted to Lawsuit ?

There are numerous complaints against sulekha classifieds, yellowpages and other related domains. Can all the court cases or cases that could not be sent to court can be converted to a law suit ? I would say yes, sulekha guys are cheating , doing fraud and there is nobody out there to tell them that do not cheat fellow indian businessmens. Many times all people do is post information on come consumer court website and forget about it. We all need to understand that raising voice against sulekha on websites or forums is actually not going to do any good in getting your money back or even sulekha executives might not even bother about it.

All the people around globe need to stand together and show sulekha new media pvt ltd (these guys run sulekha dot com) that even if you are doing internet based fraud, but you guys are cheating indian people and yes there is something called law in india as well. Sulekha staff is not bothered about complaints from people, they just ignore all those complaints and keep on cheating people over and over again for profits. Recently people of south korea stood up together and filed lawsuit against apple, google it and you will find the exect details.

Now the question is can we all indian people torchured by sulekha can stand up against sulekha and file a law suit & get our money back and some compensation ? Do not just write about sulekha complaints on some consumer complaints website and leave sulekha to keep on cheating other people. Stand up together, let’s file a law suit against sulekha, get our money back and let’s get some compensation as well. Cheating by sulekha also affects trust in internet based companies and can affect further developments. Filing a law suit against sulekha should not be a big deal, all we need is to stand up together. I am sure there would be many NGOs who would heartily support our movement and i am sure there would be some law as well to fight against such fraud companies. Sulekha is getting lots of money from sulekha classifieds, sulekha for real estate, sulekha yellow pages, and they are just keeping the money for themselves and are not bothered about whether the advertiser gets something in return or not.