Sulekha Complaints

Yes Sulekha Complaints go unheard as it seems they do know that business leads or advertisements they offer would not yield any business for advertisers. Sulekha executives are trained to get business and their infrastructure is no solid enough to provide any type of business for advertisers. Sulekha staff gets business leads from local media / newspapers or other ways to get in touch with people looking to advertise on internet or to enhance their business. When people advertise on sulekha , they do not know that sulekha employees are just making false promises and effectively, the business provider will have to struggle in futile to get the agreed business leads from sulekha.

Struggling with sulekha executives is futile as they only know how to accept payment and rely on orders from their head office. Google Sulekha Complaints and know for yourself, how many people are getting cheated by sulekha advertising offers. Everyday people are getting cheated and paying in money to Sulekha New Media Pvt Ltd, when after struggle with sulekha executives, they understand that they have been cheated, they come to internet, look for ways to file complaint against sulekha and know what others are doing.

Sulekha Complaints are growing at a good pace and nobody (including Satya Prabhakar) in bothered about appropriate resolution of such complaints. Consumer court is the only way to try and people from all over india can file a complaint in consumer court office of their city. Sulekha Executives target people who do not know much about internet and hence the people who advertise on sulekha come to know that they have been cheated only after paying in the agreed fee to sulekha new media pvt ltd.

Yes Sulekha will not share any website traffic data, they will just say vague things and will not give you anything in writing. The best part is that they do not even care about what they say and do not need repeat business from it’s advertisers. History of Sulekha websites does also proves that nobody renews their contract with sulekha and every time they have to get money from new businesses. In case you have not yet advertised on sulekha and wondering whether there are any complaints against sulekha, then welcome to this blog and internet where you can find multiple types of complaints, old complaints and new complaints against sulekha websites such as sulekha classifieds, sulekha yellow pages and other types of complaints.