Free Trial for Advertisers

Does offers any free trial advertisements plans for advertisers ? The answer is no, they do not offer any type of free trial advertisements. They just need your money to pay their own bills, fill their pockets and pay huge salaries to employees. does not provides a written confirmation of what an advertiser can get in return. Advertising on is just like, pay the money for advertisements and forget the money.

Yes in case a thought about advertising on has crossed your mind, please be careful. Does staff gives you a written confirmation about what possible business you can get in return. Do they have a refund policy ? Are they confident enough of offering you a free trial of their advertisements ?

Still thinking about advertising on, just remember few facts. will not offer you a free trial of advertisement services, they will not refund your money in any case, they do not have a refund policy, the employee with which you are talking can disappear or can get transferred only for you. Yes there are lots of complaints on internet and many of the advertisers do have have time or interest of complaining about the fraud people out there. History of has been the same, new advertisers join , old advertisers go away. People who advertise on are lured by making false promises without any written confirmation, etc. Still looking for free trial advertisement on, just stay away from, they are just going to waste your time, money and efforts.