Complaints – Ignore or Consider

This post provides some insight into complaints against provided sales & service. Whether you are looking to buy mobiles from or planning to put on some advertisements for you company or even getting into lead generation with, you will find lots of complaints on internet. There are lots of websites or forums in which people from all across India posts complaints about their interaction with Watch a video in your media player which displays few complaints posted on various consumer court forums, review websites and other websites. Yes there are many complaints against and this post will further dig into the complaints.

Why would people post complaints against on consumer complaint forums or website review websites ? Ofcourse they had a bad experience with products / services offered by and hence they post complaints. The Author found that many people post their telephone number and email address as well so there are really less chances that some competitor of is following bad practice and doing negative publicity for Whatever the case may be , in case you search for complaints yourself, you would find many complaints which are so long that you would need lots of time for reading it. Guess how much time the author of the complaint would have spent for placing their complaint on internet ?.

Yes you would find complaints for almost every company on internet, whether it is an online shopping for mobiles, tv, electronic gadgets or anything else. In case you have viewed few complaints against yourself, you might ask yourself whether to ignore those complaints or consider the complaints and be cautious when dealing with ? Well the decision is not easy and can depend on case to case basis. Let’s say you are planning to buy a mobile from sulekha mobiles and you have seen complaints on internet forums, consumer court forums or any other internet website, what would you do ? Would you just place an order on Sulekha Mobile for saving few rupees or you would consider alternatives ? Saving few bucks or risking¬†hundreds¬†or just ignore all the complaints on internet and even this post ? Having a word with the sales team, getting some sort of written confirmation, information about the refund policy, what happens if the mobile arrives broken and other related information might be of help even when you plan to ignore the complaints against and continue shopping. Similar information can be really useful for placing advertisements on, buying leads from or when doing any other sort of business with .