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This posts talks about visitors to and to other parts of the website. Here i will enumerate how sulekha is getting visitors, what visitors are looking for when visiting the website, what age group they represents and finally whether they can be potential customers for your services. This post will also talk about how visitors reach to the website using various search engines and what queries they use.

All the information about sulekha and sulekha classifieds provided here has been fetched using free tools available on internet. The information provided here can be really useful when learning Search Engine Optimisation or finding information about Sulekha, Sulekha Classified, Sulekha Movies, Sulekha News stuff and other sub domains.

Given below figure depicts that around 27% of the vistors to Sulekha visit the website for Movies Review specifically. Now 27% is really huge percentage and due to architecture of the website, advertisers can be cheated by depicting that huge number of visitors come to sulekha classifieds, yellowpages and other sub domains of the website. Other tools available on internet can also tell about the age group, sex and other attributes of the visitors to suelkha classifieds, yellowpage, movie reviews and other parts of the sulekha website.

Screen displaying alexa search queries for sulekha

Who are Visitors of Sulekha