Alternative for Advertisers

Are you an advertiser looking forward to advertise on ? In case yes, how about an alternative better option ? Sounds interesting ? keep on reading. Online Advertisement is one of the fastest way to reach out indian or people from any other country. Google Advertisements are definitely the fastest way to get your business or services advertised online. However Google Ads can be really expensive and money can disappear from your account really fast and can get spent on online advertisement, unless you do take care of every technical details. offers banner and lead based advertisements for advertisers & reach of is mostly limited to indian people only.

The Pre Paid Advertisement Method by works good in the sense that you do know how much you are going to spend. The problem with advertising with is that you will not know what you will get and all the promises made by sulekha executives can disappear in thin air and you can find yourself complaining about , struggling with sulekha customer support and this is the time you planned to grow your business and spend time on delivering your products or services, grow your business and make some profit. offers transparent banner advertisements for advertisers. They tell you how many estimated impressions your banner can expect, allows you to pay monthly with credit card, no long term commitment required, BuySellAds will also provide you detailed impression and click report. provides a way by which you can advertise on various other websites, blogs, etc of various types such as technology, mobile, games, real estate, etc. From an advertiser’s point of view, can be much better alternative to advertisement offers.