Sulekha Classifieds FAQ

Sulekha Classifieds is a sub domain of main sulekha dot com domain and is rumoured to be visited by many people in Indian cities like banglore, chennai, mumbai, delhi , etc. Yes it is a rumour according to traffic analysis websites. On this website you can easily find posts that put more light on the subject of number of visitors to sulekha classifeids. In case you do have a business and you want to advertise online, there are many useful ways. However if you are still interested in sulekha classifieds, do contact the customer support of sulekha and ask for number of visitors and ask for valid proof. Sulekha Staff will not be able to assist you in the number of impressions, visitor’s demographics and anything else, they will just say that there are lots of visitors to sulekha. Yes we have done traffic analysis of sulekha classifieds recently which might give you an idea of number of visitors to sulekha classifieds. Given below FAQ on sulekha classifieds might be helpful in something you are expecting from sulekha classifieds.

How to Advertise in Sulekha ? : Banner advertisements, leads promises and advertising with google adwords are few of the options with which you can advertise on sulekha classifieds and other parts of sulekha. There was another post that we wrote about advertising on sulekha which might guide you to advertise on sulekha.

Can I contact Sulekha classifieds Customer Care ? : Technically yes there are ways to contact sulekha classifeids customer care. In case you have not yet advertised on sulekha, then yes sulekha staff will heartily welcome you and will try to extract as much money as possible, however if you have already advertised on sulekha and looking for sulekha customer care, then take a deep breath and chances are that you are going to waste more time, efforts, money and at the end there are only 99% chances that sulekha customer care will win the battle.

I want to Advertise on Sulekha Classifieds, can i know the number of impressions of banners ? : Yes you can know the number of impressions of existing banners on sulekha classifieds by doing your own analysis. Sulekha Classifieds Customer Care will not provide you any sort of support on this. Sulekha Staff including Satya Prabhakar will boast of huge number of visitors to sulekha and will not give you an insight into the number of impressions / page views of sulekha classifieds.

Is there any better alternative to Sulekha Classifieds ? : Yes there are many better alternatives to sulekha classifieds, however as now a days there are many classifieds websites and depending on the category of your business, one or many classifieds websites can give you good results. Have a look at another blog post, which can be helpful in deciding upon on which classifieds website to advertise.

Is BuySellAds a better option than Sulekha Classifieds for Advertising ? : BuySellAds is very transparent advertisement solution and is far better than Suleka Classifieds for advertising. BuySellAds will tell you the number of expected impressions of your banner advertisements in advance before taking any money, they will offer you to pay advertising cost on a monthly basis, will provide you well structured report. On the other hand if you do advertise on Sulekha Classifeids, you will have to just trust the Sulekha Executive (who will probably disappear after making your deal) and they will not provide you any sort of traffic stats or reports etc. Google around to find Sulekha Complaints to know how sulekha marketing people are cheating by collecting advertisement money for sulekha classifieds, yellowpages , etc.

What’s the Cost of Advertising on Sulekha ? : There are many factors which effectively decide what would be the final cost of advertising on sulekha. Sulekha Classifieds offer low cost premium advertisement offers. Wondering why Sulekha Classifieds offer low cost advertisements? Yes we have the answer, because there are only few people around who visit sulekha classifieds. In case you are looking forward to waste more money, you can go ahead and buy banner advertisements on sulekha classifieds, on yellowpages and ofcouse if you can spend really huge amount of money, you can contact sulekha customer support and they will put your banner advertisement anywhere you want on sulekha. Why Not to Advertise on Sulekha covers few things which might be worth looking before handing over your money to sulekha.

In this Sulekha Classifieds FAQ, i have covered few useful things and various frequently asked questions about sulekha classifieds. Yes there are lots of other useful things that must be written about sulekha classifieds, like how to put a free classified ad on sulekha classifieds, how to edit the free ad, how many number of advertisements can be posted onto sulekha classifieds using free advertisement options and many other questions like this. I will post another blog post and will talk about that. In case you are not an advertiser, just try to contact sulekha customer care or visit their official website, you might get lucky.