Sulekha Classifieds failed tieup with Sify Classifieds

Sulekha classifieds made an agreement with Sify Classifieds in around mid 2007 where both companies would work together. Unfortunately it seems like sify classifieds made the wrong decision or something else went wrong and now the sify sulekha tieup seems to have vanished. Yes advertising business is not an easy thing to do, as it was in initial days. Now a days there is lots of competition and numerous classified websites have popped up trying to lure visitors to post free classified ads and generate revenue for the classified company by either opting for a paid classified or by clicking on the advertisements.

From the internet information available about the joint venture of sulekha and sify, it seems like the responsibility of sulekha was to actively run the sify classifieds by providing ad postings done on sulekha onto sify. It also appears that the joint venture allowed visitors to post the free or paid adverts onto any classified site & get the advert posted on both classified sites automatically.

It seems like Satya Prabhakar did’nt knew that search engines do not like copy paste or duplicity. This joint venture was meant to fail as they were duplicating the data across both sites. Now a days everybody takes the help of search engines to find whatever they are looking for and search engines do not like copy paste or duplication of data. Yes i know that Sulekha displays news fetched from some advertisement agency which is displayed or duplicated by many other websites, yes this is duplicability as well and news is something which normally we cannot predict and search for it. In case you search for any news published on sulekha news on let’s say google, you will find that many other websites are publishing the exact same news.

Now since the joint venture between sulekha and sify seems to have closed now, i would add this failed attempt on the account of sulekha guys (Yes i am not an admirer of Sulekha Websites) as they were the ones who were running the show technically. Of-course i cannot prove that this failed venture was exactly the responsibility of sulekha guys, as i do not work either for sify or sulekha, it is just my assumption. Yes there are hundered things out there that could have gone wrong, however as they were trying to duplicate the adverts or free classified posted on sulekha onto sify or vice versa, technically (from Search Engine Optimisation perspective) it was not very much correct & i got this wonderful opportunity to write about my assumed sulekha failure. If Sulekha cannot extend their own business (Sulekha Classifieds in this case), can they help any other business to grow and prosper?