Sulekha Classifieds compared with Sulekha dot com

Sulekha Classifieds is a sub domain of sulekha dot com. This post compares number of visitors to sulekha classifieds to sulekha dot com. Sulekha Classifieds is a sub domain of the main domain sulekha dot com. Given below figure displays the estimated visitors to sulekkha classifieds with sulekha dot com. Yes that’s true, number of visitors to sulekha classifieds are really low as compared to the main sulekha dot com website.

Traffic Estimate of Sulekha Classifieds

Number of Visitors to Sulekha Classifieds is really low

In case you are planning to advertise on sulekha classifieds, this information about traffic comparison can be really shocking. From Search Engine perspective, this information can also help you to understand that number of visitors to every domain and sub domain can be compared as displayed by the figure.

When sulekha sales executives visit business people luring them to put advertisements on sulekha classifieds, they might not tell you this information or they themselves might not know this information. However now that you know that visitors to sulekha classifieds are really low as compared to sulekha website, you can be well informed in making appropriate decision.

The comparison between traffic has been done using a traffic estimation website named as compete dot com. The green line in the graph displays number of visitors to sulekha classifieds and the blue line indicates number of visitors to sulekha website. The number of unique visitors are also displayed for the current month. Now if you are planning to place some free classified advertisement or even a banner advertisement on sulekha classifieds, you have now a better idea about the number of visitors you can expect to you advertisement or classified.

Also note that sulekha classifieds has number of pages and the traffic estimation is for all the pages and displays number of visitors. Yes the traffic estimation includes visitors to almost all indian cities including delhi, pune, chennai, banglore, indore, goa, etc. So the traffic estimation says that in June 2011 around 50,155 visitors visited to sulekha classifieds from delhi, mumbai, amritsar, chennai, banglore, hyderabad and all other cities. Yes this information can be really shocking taking into account that sulekha executives do not share this information and charge a really good amount for placing banner advertisements on sulekha classifieds. I visited sulekha classified for real estate and was shocked to see numerous banner advertisements, each banner competing with other one. Now when sulekha classifieds is getting so less number of visitors, how they are getting so many banner advertisements competing amongst themselves, effectively nobody other than sulekha will get benefit out of whole bunch of advertisements on sulekha classifieds.