Sulekha Classifieds Alternatives for Business

Another post for sulekha website and domains providing information about best possible alternatives. These Sulekha alternatives can give your business significant boost and can get you business leads for free and with paid advertisements as well. Sulekha websites were designed long back and they still have the same old design and concept, although web has moved too far ahead. Sulekha Classifieds and other sub domains have been added and give a wrong impression that lots of people are visiting the website and can be good for business.

In true sense, sulekha websites have just added more and more sub domains trying to attract more and more people. They just extract money from advertisers to run their offices and get maximum profit while they do not care about their advertisers. These classified websites are supposed to help advertisers to earn some money and simultaneously providing best possible service to their visitors. Instead of providing true services they are just trying to earn more and more money & their advertisers joing sulekha advertisements, pay money for business listings for full one year and finally when they do not get anything out of it, they find other alternatives.

One of the new age classified website is quikr dot com, which is the first alternative for advertisers looking to promote their business online. They allow visitors to post free classified advertisements and also offer premium advertisements. The Paid Advertisement is really inexpensive and unlike sulekha websites can be posted for one month instead of sulekha forcing to place advertisement for one full year. Now a days quikr is displaying advertisements on indian tv channels as well luring people from almost all over India. In case you are planning to post some classified advertisements online, do visit the quikr website and i am sure, you will forget about sulekha classifieds, yellowpage and all other subdomains.