Sulekha Classifieds Advertisement Worth the Money?

In case you are planning to put on some advertisement on sulekha classifieds for leads forwarded to you or banner advertisement, wait & analyse the business model of sulekha dot com website. Understand how sulekha domains and sub domains work, find out there people are visiting the website from the city of your choice or not and only then place an advertisement with sulekha classifieds.

There are broadly two options to advertise on sulekha classifieds, yellowpages, movies and other sub domains of sulekha websites. The first one is using google advertisements all over sulekha domains and sub domains and other is lead based or banner based advertisement.

Google Advertisement on Sulekha can really give you full control & possibly good returns in return of your advertisement costs. The best part is that you can control your advertisement budget using a prepaid or post paid budget. You can even decide where your advertisements should be placed using google advertisements.

The other option is to pay a huge amount of money directly to sulekha people and wait for sulekha classifieds or yellowpages to send you business leads. I have seen many complaint against sulekha classifieds for sending the business owners false leads, credit card misuse, etc. Well i do not authenticate for whatsoever complaints against sulekha classifieds, however i do have proofs for my money lost to sulekha classifieds.

Explore this website and it will tell you more about sulekha classifieds, business model, history, domain and sub domain analysis of sulekha classifieds, movies, news and other sub domains of sulekha websites. Spending time on analysis before spending money on advertisement on sulekha can really help you to determine whether it is worth advertising on sulekha or not, sulekha website’s analysis can also help you understand whether you will get some good business or your money will just get lost into sulekha’s accounts.