Sulekha Classifieds – A Sinking Ship ?

Sulekha Classifieds, YellowPages and other services provided by Sulekha website may be a sinking ship. The Sulekha Services initially started with great funding and tried to provide free services and classifieds services to customers. Later sulekha guys decided to make classifieds services as paid services , offered banner advertisements. added google advertisements and so on.

It seems like Advertisers do not stick with Sulekha services. The author of this post has seen history of sulekha website and has written a post specifically about history of sulekha services. Have a look at history of sulekha, in case you would like to know more about how all it started, what milestones it achieved, etc. This post will present a brief review of sulekha services such as sulekha classifieds, news , etc.

In India Online Advertisement is a play for big comapnies, however small companies or service providers also try to advertise their services using various online advertisement options. Most of the software companies will recommend google advertisements to advertisers using the pay per clicks management. However as competition increases, so is the price to stay on top of google search results and even in paid advertisements. Depending on budget, targetted states, gender, age group , the cost of online advertisement can be controlled to achive best possible returns for the time, efforts and monetory investments.

Sulekha guys are now a days spending a lot on advertisements. Looking at one year search traffic stats, it is evident that number of visitors to sulekha are decreasing and decreasing. In order to increase the number of visitors to the website, sulekha guys are doing anything without thinking about the business or services they intend to provide. It seems like they are just concentrating on getting more and more visitors and lure advertisers who do not have enough knowledge about finding what types of visitors come to sulekha and are normally forced by sulekha employees to pay in advance for full one year. It seems that Sulekha knows that if they take money for only one month from an advertiser, the advertiser will never pay for the services in second month.

Sulekha asking money for full one year in advance from advertisers, sulekha itself spending money on advertisements, adding google advertisements on every possible page, presenting news taken from news agencies, and various other things do indicate that sulekha classifieds, yellowpages and other services are going to take down sulekha and is currently a sinking ship . Sulekha yellowpages, classifieds , etc effectively might not produce any business for it’s advertisers and the trend of advertisers running away from sulekha might continue.