Sulekha Classified for Real Estate

Real Estate Business is one of the costliest things and requires lots of efforts, planning and advertisement. Sulekha guys would have thought, if Real Estate is the costliest thing, why not to make some money with Sulekha Classified for Real Estate. Realtors normally have lots of irrespective of their location, be it Hyderabad, Banglore, Delhi, Chennai or any other city. In case a sales representative of Sulekha can contact to any Real Estate Builder, Broker or any other person associated with Real Estate, they know that they can extract lots of money from such people.

Yes Sulekha Staff seems to have cashed in this golden oppurtinity of Real Estate agents / brokers, builders, etc. I assume many realtors would have access to lots of money, many of them might not have an idea of how exactly this online classified advertisement works and here good communication skills of sulekha employees pays off. Sulekha gets an advertiser who is into real estate, do not have much technical information about how this online advertisement stuff works, might not care for a few thousand rupees and that’s a lottery for sulekha representative selling advertisement on sulekha classifieds.

I visited the main sulekha classifieds website and i could locate hundreds of banner advertisements of various real estate agents, many agents were even offering no brokerage (can you imagine a real estate agent broker providing you your desired real estate without commission ?), various real estate builders and lots of other people. This Sulekha Classified for Real Estate seemed like gold mine for sulekha and they are selling like hot cakes. Now practically speaking i do not think that this whole bunch of advertising would yield any result whatsoever for the realtor. I am not saying this because i want to say that, it experience says that if a visitor is looking to buy some flat or house or even a plot, why would he / she come to sulekha classified ? There are other lots of easily accessible options such as local listings in newspaper, websites designed specifically for real estate like makaan dot com , etc.

The visitors of Sulekha dot com come to the website for a variety of reasons. Sales Representatives of Sulekha Classifieds selling banner or other types of advertisements may not be telling the realtors about the fact that the huge number of visitors that sulekha boasts are not specifically for real estate or for posting or reading classifieds. Yes many of things said here are on my assumption or on logical thinking combined with my experience on internet, however one thing is for sure that if advertisers ( representing real estate business ) stay with sulekha classified for more than the minimum term sulekha offers, then there are chances that sulekha classifieds is giving business to such advertisers. However if no realtor is interested in renewing his / her contract with sulekha for advertisement, then there are less chances that sulekha classified gave any type of business to real estate agents, builders, contractors or to anybody else advertising on sulekha classifieds.