Sulekha Cheating – False Number of Leads

Sulekha Guys Cheating in broad daylight assuming that there is no law to protect advertisers. The author of this post lost more than Rs 11,000 in sulekha advertising scam. The Sulekha Sales people are trained with false information and assured the author that the author will receive around 30 leads per month. In actual Sulekha Classified has sent only 1 lead even after 4 months on online advertisement.
This cheating of sulekha with false number of leads is not the only case, in case you do google around, you will find numerous cheating complaints by sulekha guys. Yes the author also googled before handing over money to sulekha and thought that there are complaints for every kind of business. In case you google for complaints against indian companies, you will find complaint for almost every company and hence complaints for sulekha website were ignored.
Now after loosing more than 11K Indian Rupees, the author has planned to lodge a complaint against sulekha under consumer court. Yes the author went to consumer court and inquired about the procedure for filing a complaint against sulekha website. The procedure is to collect all the information, payment receipt, contact persons, required addresses, submit it to consumer court and they will send a legal notice to the sulekha head office. Yes this complaint will not stop sulekha website and sales persons from cheating other people, but might get some money back for the author.
Looking for Advertising on Sulekha and have been approached by sales persons with promising leads? Beware, do your homework, find out whether there is a better alternative, start your own website, or use information on this website to find out whether the people you are targeting do visit sulekha website, or be ready to loose you money to sulekha bigbosses.