Sulekha Best Buy going to cheat customers ?

There are rumours on internet that sulekha is going to launch new concept with the name Sulekha Best Buy. It is rumoured to offer customers discounts upto 90% on various services or products. Sulekha has been cheating advertisers by following wrong practices and offering impractical leads based businesses. Now it seems like they are going to cheat customers as well. Yes the author may be incorrect in saying that Sulekha Best Buy may cheat customers as well, but let’s see how it goes. With bad history of sulekha with advertisers (people who give money to sulekha so that they can run their business and earn some profit), it may not be a surprise if sulekha brings in an offer that effectively cheats customers.

Imagine 90% discount on any given product. The author of this post cannot even imagine 90% discount on any product or service. Creating a product or service requires lots of efforts and finally marketing it as well requires efforts. In case a business provider is actually offering 90% discount to few or many customers, it seems like something fishy. If and when sulekha launches best buy offers, the author will also visit that website and will try to understand how a service provider can offer 90% discount and keep sulekha happy as well.

Yes many times various companies offer huge discounts on their products or services which in turn allow free advertisement and awareness to their products and services. However many times such huge discounted products / services incur associated terms and conditions such as no customer support, limited or no warranty. In case sulekha best buy offers such way to promote various products or services, it may not be a┬ácheating┬áto it’s customers. However if sulekha forgets to inform customers or intentionally does not informs the customers of possible additional terms and conditions, then it might be termed as cheating to customers.

Let’s see how and when sulekha launches new sulekha best buy website and in case they do, let’s see what products and services they are going to offer. In case they do launch the new concept, i would suggest to be extremely cautious to do any sort of business or deal with sulekha or associated partners / advertisers. Historically Sulekha planned IPO as well, but they could not make it a reality and bring the IPO in indian market. Our best wishes are with Sulekha and hopefully they do launch the new Sulekha Best Buy as soon as possible, but please do make everything transparent and do not cheat customers in any way.