Sulekha B2B

Sulekha Business to Business is the long name for Sulekha B2B service. Sulekha guys have registered a domain name ( which gets forwarded to . Sulekha Business to Business Service might be there in other countries as well apart from india, but the author has not analysed it as of this writing. Given below is the number of unique visitors according to .

Number of Unique Visitors to Sulekha b2b

Unique visitors to sulekha b2b business portal

Can you see how many unique visitors do visit sulekha b2b business portal from the figure above. The Number of unique visitors displayed in the figure above is for 2010 to 2011. In case you have been contacted by sulekha business to business portal, the above figure might give you an idea of around how many visitors you can expect for your business advertised through sulekha b2b portal.

In case you are looking to advertise your business through sulekha b2b portal, you might be interested in complaints against sulekha b2b portal. Open up your favourite search engine and search for sulekha b2b complaints and you might get an idea of what you are going to step into. Fake number of business leads and other types of complaints are there on various websites. Also note that every indian business person might not have appropriate information to raise his / her voice using online forums or complaint websites. In case all this information sounds inappropriate or you might still want to advertise with Sulekha B2B portal, then go ahead and advertise on sulekha and probably invite problems and waste your time and money.