Satya Prabhakar planned Sulekha IPO ?

Yes according to internet, it is true that Sulekha website planned in 2008 to launch IPO in 2009. Yes it is also true that the IPO of Sulekha (Started by Satya Prabhakar)  website could not even come to market. Sulekha website had NRI visitors initially when the website started. Yes ofcourse Staya Prabhakar did a good job in getting huge investment from Norwest Venture and tried lots of new things to attract visitors.

The initial success and huge investment from Venture Capitalists allows Sulekha business and other portals to grow, however the thought of Sulekha IPO could not be materialised. It seems to the author that Satya Prabhakar could not cope up with changing internet, could not take appropriate measures and hence the original model of the sulekha remained the same providing benefits to no business partners and hence they always run away from Sulekha advertisements.

If sulekha website cannot take care of itself, how on earth they go to business providers and offer them business leads?  The initial success of sulekha website was with NRIs when they allowed indian people living abroad to communicate, write some stories and get it published. It all worked initially as the internet was sort of new thing and we all know it is really easy to get your story published on internet as compared to getting your writings published in a book. The internet has changed a lot and Mr Satya Prabhakar could not cope up with it and hence if you google around sulekha complaints, you will find lots of stories, numerous people complaining about false promises, no customer support and many other things. All people write about their experiences so that new people who are about to get cheated by sulekha can learn and educate themselves about what types of problems they are going to invite and even paying for it.

Thankfully Sulekha IPO could never make it to the market, saving hard earned money of indian people around the globe. Mr Satya Prabhakar & his sulekha website needs to understand that if they help their business partners, only them they are going to stay with sulekha domains, else internet now offers lots of options and now creating a website is not as difficult as it was in initial days. This whole website has been created due to the unlimited problems that various employees of sulekha and incorrect business promises made by Satys Prabhakar’s website, none other than sulekha dot com.