Satya Prabhakar of Sulekha left behind ?

Satya Prabhakar started lots of things, failed on many of them and seems he is still left behing technology & new ideas. Sulekha is struggling to make an impact and reports are there that satya prabhakar is doing turnover in crores. Well i do not work for Sulekha or Satya Prabhakar, i am just a spectator and i understand how all this websites things work. Sulekha websites are still doing the the old stuff, sort of whatever they started ages back, now they are just trying to earn money, trying out new things, failing a lot and still left behind on technology.

Satya Prabhakar or whoever is running sulekha websites is not bothered about tons of complaints, they do not even care about their business partners as they know India is a land of opportunity. Yes Satya Prabhakar and his company staff know that Indians do want to expand their business and many of such businessmen just try to excel in their own business. Let’s say Sulekh for Real Estate or Sulekha Classifieds promoting property brokers, real estate builders, etc.

What do you think of a real estate agent’s information about internet? Will he know and understand whether a sulekha representative can cheat him ? Real Estate people are good in their own business, they know how to make deals, how to build houses, how to make buildings, they might not have enough time to get into technical details of sulekha or any other websites and this is where sulekha seems to be getting business and trying to fill the pockets of probably Satya Prabhakar. Have a look at the history of Sulekha and you will see for yourself, that even after so many years, Satya Prabhakar is still trying to sell the old business model & it might be selling well for it’s history value, who know but according to history of sulekha, they are almost doing the same things that they started long back, seems like Satya Prabhakar is short of ideas.