Real Time Visitors Tracking of Visitors to a Website

Now it is really easy to see how many visitors are currently present on your website. The Real Time Tracking also allows to track the location of visitors, so you would know the  country of your current visitor(s). This Real Time Tracking of Visitors is so sophisticated that you can further watch as visitors come and go out of your website. This Real Time tracking of Website Visitors is provided by new version of google analytics.

Real Time Visitors Information

Real Time Visitors to a Website

A sample Real Time Snapshot has been displayed above. The figure about displays that there were 13 active visitors to the selected website when this screenshot was taken. The screenshot also displays the country and city of visitors. The Real Time information presented also tells about keyword which user searched in search engine to get to your website. In case visitor(s) to your website arrive after being referred by another website, this Real Time Tracking will also tell you about the number of visitors being referred by other websites and their name as well. This SEO tool can be really handy for website owners, small business professionals and even for SEO professionals.