Online Payment Options for Websites in India

In order to accept payments on website, there are many options available for website owners / managers. Online Payments are processed by Payment Gateways and various companies offer payment gateway services to paying customers. The Payment Gateway companies charge website owners / website managers optionally a one time setup fees and transaction fee for every payment accepted on your website using the selected payment gateway. This post outlines few payment gateway options for websites run by indian companies / indivual persons. Getting permission of a Payment Gateway to process online payments on your website, you might need to handle multiple of the following :

  • Legal Documents for related to your Business.
  • Pay up One time Setup fee.
  • Pay Transaction fee for every online payment accepted by Payment Gateway on your Website.
  • Pay Recurring Annual Payment Gateway Maintenance fee.
  • Decide on Refund Policy, Inform Customer about the refund policy, manage dispute and chargebacks.
  • Get Notification of Payments made by customers on your website.
  • Deliver agreed products / services.
  • Manage Search Engine Optimisation concerns arising due to new Payment Gateway links added onto your website.
  • Manage other technical stuff to streamline along with your website.
  • Withdraw Money Automatically or Manually from Payment Gateway Account to your bank Account.
  • Pay any Service tax applicable.
Online Payment Gateway Services from India

Accept Online Payments on your Website

The Payment Gateway Companies will provide you appropriate technical support as and when required. However they will not help you to integrate simple or complex online transaction handling. In order to manage all the above you might need help from Website Designers or an experienced persons to integrate any agreed payment gateway onto your website. PayPal, CCAvenue, ICICI Payseal, DirecPay, HDFC Bank,IndiaPay, Transecute, EBS, Trillion Pay and more Payment Gateway Companies allow merchants to accept payment online. The Payment Gateway Pricing depends on what payment gateway you select and what setup fee you agree to pay (Payment Gateway Companies charge lesser transaction fee, if you pay higher setup fee), many companies do not charge anything as a setup fee for the payment gateway, Annual Maintenance Fees also varies and many companies do not charge anything for the annual maintenance fee. The technical support provided by the payment gateway must also be considered. The last time author checked, CCAvenue was charging Rs 1.00 per sms sent to the merchant and many payment gateway companies do not offer the sms service as instant notification. Types of Credit Cards and Debit Cards supported also vary from one Payment gateway Company to other, some accept Visa, MasterCard only and others accept Dinex, JCB, American Express, etc.

To summarize there are lots of companies out there which can provide you the infrastructure to accept payments online. Whether your bank account is in India or any other country, there can be many correct and incorrect Payment Gateways depending on your requirements. In case you would like to accept payments on your website, call the number (Indian Mobile Number) or write yo and start accepting payments on your website as soon as possible.