Online Payment Guarentee

In case you do pay money using an online payment method such as credit card, debit card, netbanking or even phone pay, you are not entitled automatically to online payment guarentee. In case of any dispute or any problem with the products or services you do not get even after paying in the money online, there is very little support available.

In case a website does not in turn of the money paid do not revert back or they just eat up your money, there is very little that you can do. In order to make sure that you do get whatever was promised to you, you need to take appropriate caution. Pay only if the website seems like legitimate and does has appropriate customer support. To be safe, drop a message or call the customer support of the online portal and see how they respond to your query.

Few Payment Gateway providers such as PayPal also provide a dispute resolution service for free where you can raise a dispute and ask paypal to intevene in it and either get your money back or get you the required services or products.┬áIn case you do have appropriate documentary evidence (let’s say in the form of email or any other format), there are good chances that PayPal will get your money back or get you the appropriate attention from the service provider.