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Looking forward to file a complaint in consumer court online against or some other website ? Yes read on to know more about what you are going to do and what output you can expect from your efforts. There is no way in which you can file a online complaint to consumer court in India by sitting on your computer. There are many websites with names like consumer court online and they provide you forums or complaint boards to submit your complaint for or any other website. In order to actually submit your complaint to the consumer court, you will have to do lots of efforts. Getting justice in case of consumer court may be easy nor difficult, but efforts are required for that, you would be required to pay the court fees and optionally you can hire a vakeel as well for representing you in the consumer court.

There is another post in this blog that tells in detail about how to file a consumer court complaint in India against or any other company running operations from an India based office. There are few benefits of submitting your complaint to websites or forums, however remember that your complaint will not actually go to the Indian Consumer Court and no judge will hear your grievance until you get up from your computer and actually file a complaint in consumer court as mentioned in the procedure outlined by the link above. Yes submitting your complaint in websites does have benefits, irrespective whether your grievance is with run by Sulekha New Media Pvt Ltd or any other company.

Online Consumer Complaint websites just provide you a free platform on which you can write your issues with the company. Consumer Court related websites mostly use the keyword consumer complaint and yes in their disclaimer, they do mention that they are not actually related with actual Consumer Complaint. Even when websites using the keyword consumer court are not affiliated or related to the physical or actual consumer court, they provide a free way to express your issues with the company who has cheated you or forced you to look for help or relief from Consumer Court of India. The very first benefit is that these Consumer Court forums publish your grievance on their website so that everybody can read including the company representatives.

Let’s say you have been cheated by and you have tried your best to communicate with representatives but all in vein. Now as long as it is between yourself / your company and representatives, nobody else is going to know about the issues you faced or the reason for which you are seeking the help of consumer court. Now in order to get justice, you have broadly two options. The first option is to write your grievance in some consumer court website, forum, etc and wait if any representative reads the complaint and reverts back to you. In case you want to know whether will revert back to you to resolve your issues, have a look at other complaints against in the consumer court forum, blog, etc. Many times companies do have separate department whose responsibility is to keep an eye on the complaints in various consumer court forums, etc. In case you do not find a reply to any existing complaint in your selected consumer court forum website, move on and find some other website on which people are submitting complaints against In case your efforts in submitting complaints in online consumer court websites do not yield results, it’s time to file a complaint in actual, physical and legal consumer court of India against