Online Advertising made easy with free tools

Online Advertising is a serious business, together with the power of information and available free and paid tools, you can easily get the most out of your advertising efforts. Whether you want to advertise your own products or services or you want to publicize your customer’s business products or services, there are lots of free tools and utilities out there which can help you make correct decision. Tons of websites are there to promote products or services, which one you can choose? What are the factors that determine advertising efforts and money spent on advertising ? After reading this post, you will be able to understand, few of the advertising tools available for helping out your advertising decisions.

Website Traffic Estimation : Let’s say you wish to advertise on Sulekha Classifieds, what do you think should be the appropriate price, and what you can expect in return ? Would Rs 6,000/- monthly is the appropriate price for advertising on every page of sulekha classifieds? Or it should cost you only Rs 5,000/- per annum ? Yes the decision here depends on lots of factors out of which one of the important factors is how many visitors will be able to see you advertisement ? In case Sulekha displays you advertisement on every page of sulekha classifieds, then how many times your advertisement will be displayed ?

Visitors Demographics : Who visit sulekha classifieds ? Males or Females ? In case both males and females visit sulekha classifieds, what’s the percentage difference? Would Advertsing on Sulekha Classifieds be the best place to advertise products or services for females or males or for both ? What age group of possible males or females visit sulekha classifieds ? Is Sulekha Classifieds the best place to advertise products or services for small children, adults of specific age group?

Domain Popularity in Country or State ? Planning to place advertisement on some domain or some sub domain of a specific website ? In which country / state your selected domain or sub domain is popular ? For example let’s take Sulekha Classifieds which is a sub domain of main sulekha website, now is it popular in India, USA, UK or in which other country? In india whether people from Banglore visit Sulekha Classifieds or people from Chennai visit sulekha classifieds ? and moreoever whether sulekha classified do gets any visitor from Delhi or not?

Yes a perfect Online Advertising decision requires answers to the questions above and many other such questions. Planned Advertisement can get you best results and there are many free tools available on internet which provide answers to above questions and provide much more information, helping you in making best decision. Lots of free tools for online advertising are provided by google itself such as google images, google trends, google ad planner and of course normal google search. Here on this website, you will find lots of information which can be useful for making advertising decisions. Online advertising is all about appropriate planning to get the most out of your advertisement expenditure of time, money and efforts.