Online Advertisement

In case you have a website and you wish to promote the website using online advertisement then this post about online advertisement can be really useful to you. There are many websites out there which provide advertisement for variety of websites. The Website promotion method you choose can depend on your target audience, country and niche of the website. Given below are few website portals which provide online advertisement for a fee. There are other forms of advertisements which are free and require you to either place a back link to the website or write or them. Various online directories accept links to which you can submit your websites to in return of a backlink to them. Online advertisement depends on various factors as said previously, however informed and organised advertisement can fetch you really great results.

  • Google Adwords : This is an online advertisement method where you pay on a per click basis. Google displays your advertisement on websites which accepts advertisements and charges you money and gives a part of money to the website on which your advertisement is displayed. You will find that this website also accepts online advertisements from google and in turn various other websites. This website communicates only with google regarding the financial aspects and google in turn communicates with various other advertisers. As a advertiser you can control where your ads will be displayed and how much money you wish to spend.
  • Banner Advertisements : There are websites which accept banner advertisements which in turn allow you to place a banner of specific size at pre agreed location. One such website is which works like a broker between advertiser and publisher. Yes the do provide comprehensive reports in terms of how many times your banner was displayed, how many clicks were performed and depending on country and website traffic you can select the website(s) on which you want your banner is to be placed.
  • Adbrite : I know that adbrite is another such online advertisement portal and provides comprehensive advertisement options to various advertisers, but i have not used it so cannot write about that.

There are many other such online advertisement portals and they do provide a well informed and comprehensive control over advertisement budget. They all work on international websites and come with great service (not sure about adbrite, as i have not used it) so that you are well informed about your advertisement campaign and can track the results for a long term mutual benefit.

I had a bad experience with sulekha classifieds as they offer horrible customer support, no data about your advertisement campaign and are just waiting for you to send them money and swallow that. I lost a handsome money to sulekha classifieds by spending on sulekha classifieds and that is only specific to one country. Well they may be offering good service to other customers, but indeed they do not offer any information with which you can plan your advertisement campaign and spend money accordingly. They want advertisers to just send them money and keep on waiting for business leads to come in.