My Sulekha Classifieds Review

This post talks about my personnel review of sulekha classifieds. This review is unibiased review of from webmaster’s perspective. I will also write about a possible complaint against with consumer court of other related legal body as they ate my 11 thousand. Well that’s another story which will need a dedicated post and let’s continue with this review of classified and other sb domains. 

First of all i would say is another great website which offers tons of information free of cost, and yes i do like free stuff. The Free Stuff that offers is in the form of news, movie reviews, gadget reviews etc. Actually speaking i do not read movie reviews, if i feel like watching some movie i go on and watch that movie. In case i do not like some movie i do not watch that movie again and do not recommend to anybody else that movie, however if i do like some movie i do talk about that but again do not see that movie again. I just watch movies only one time apart from some forced scenario such as travelling in a volvo. 

News section of seems good and ofcourse it offers news free of cost. One of the money making way of is to earn money using google adsense (i.e. displaying advertisements along with free content), another way by which they earn is sulekha classified or yellowpages. They offer probable customers to submit their details and requirements and let the business providers give them a call. 

The business model of sulekha classified was really great back in 1998 when there was comparatively less awareness about websites and service providers had no way to connect to customers. Now a days any small, medium or big business owner can get his/ her website created with really small amount of money and hence significance of sulekha classifieds seems to have decreased. Well i cannot say that i have proof for that statement, but out of many different website analysis websites, one of the major website analysis tools with website at says so. Sulekha classified can still be useful for various purposes such as finding house for rent in banglore, chennai or any other city in which sulekha classified is really popular. 

Traffic analysis of sulekha yellowpages

Number of Visitors Decreased on Sulekha Yellowpages


In a nutshell i would say that sulekha classified is still good for small business or for indivuals, however as now medium scale and large scale businesses can afford their own website and publicize it and get visitors from various search engines such as google, yahoo, etc. As millions of people across the globe still use google or other search engine to look for various products or services, having own website can really give enough information to the user and user can decide whether he / she wish to get the services or products from a specific service provider.