Let any vendor call you or you decide which vendor to call?

When we buy something, we normally would like to review it , compare it with other related products and then decide which product to buy and from which vendor to buy. Now a days there are various types of business modes, out of which one business model is let the vendors give you a call offering their products or services. Another business model is we ourselves search for service provider, compare service providers and decide with which service provider or vendor we wish to go ahead.

Let’s say i wish to buy a Laptop from a laptop vendor, i would typically ask friends about what make or model they have, if possible have a look or visit few laptop shops around to checkout how do they look, compare prices etc. Yeah buying a Laptop can be really tricky as there are so many make and models around and they indeed cost good amount of money. For the price and technical comparison, the internet can be really handy as well. All you need to know is laptop model number and internet will give you full technical specifications and will even tell you at what price it is available, you can even find a better make of the laptop depending on your needs.

In case i am interested in getting some service from some service provider, yes of course a little chat can be really handy to understand what they are charging for the services offered, what exact services they are offering etc. In case that service provider does has a website or shop somewhere around, then it would be really help me to narrow down on the selection of service provider.

In case service providers or vendors call me offering their services, it would be great as well, however that research part would be lost. So personally speaking i would be delighted to have a list of vendors or service  providers and then i will do my little research and i would decide which service provider or vendor to call to. Well that’s my personnel opinion and yes i would prefer to call to my selected service provider or vendor at my will so that i can get the best possible service or product according to my understanding.