Keyword Analysis for SEO

Analysis of your target keywords is one of the really most important job when doing search engine optimisation. Yes there are many tools available out there to help you out with keyword analysis. Selection of keywords is one of the really most important thing. Have a look at the given below figure in which you can see google keyword tool providing useful insight into the number of searches per month for the keyword Sulekha Classified.  

Screen displaying keyword search report for sulekha classified

Estimated Number of Traffic for Sulekha Classified

There are lots of things to note in the figure given above for the keyword analysis done for search engine optimisation purpose. The keyword analysis gives an idea of the number of searches done for the specified keyword (sulekha classified in this example). Note other related keyword search estimates and also note that the the word Local Monthly Searches in the keyword analysis done above refers to the country selected from the advanced options (India in this keyword analysis). So effectively the google keyword tool is saying that around 1,000 searches were performed in google for the keyword sulekha classified and also note that in the left Match Type selected is Exact. In case you would like to explore more and analyse other keyword, fireup your browser and open google keyword tool and do keyword analysis for SEO purpose and get your website listed for the very best keyword.