Keyword Analysis for Search Engine Optimisation

Keywords are small words that broadly describe products or services. In case you are looking forward to optimize a website for generating more organic web traffic, then keyword analysis using some keyword analysis tool can be really helpful to you. One such seo tool is offered by google under the name of keyword tool. This SEO Tool can help you understand how much traffic a given keyword is generating classified by country.

The words selected or said in a website are the actual magic. Good words can bring really good traffic to a website and  words on which you do not do enough research can require comparatively more efforts to get the desired results. Spend some time analysing appropriate keywords so that you are not playing blind in this search engine optimisation game where you have to beat your competitor to get more traffic to your website. Know the rules before playing the game of search engine optimisation.

Spend some time analysing the keywords, find out what websites are listed in top results, note their page ranks, browse through your competitor’s websites to know their business model and review how they are in the top search results. You can also use Google Alert Search Engine Optimisation tool to help you to track your competitor’s progress. Feel free to explore other useful posts on this blog such as the one which compares traffic to a domain as compared to that of a sub domain. Here you will find lots of SEO related tools, tips and tricks and even sample website analysis to get your website onto the top search engine results.