Is Sulekha Properties the best website to advertise or look for Properties ?

Whether you are looking to advertise your properties including flats, shops, godowns, land or plot or any other type of property for rent, sale or purchase and wondering whether sulekha properties is the best website on internet to advertise your properties, this post will give you some statistics and way forward to look where to advertise your property. Yes there is lots of data available on internet which tells lots of things about websites. Once such useful internet tool is google trends. This post will compare few property related websites with sulekha properties and you can do that on your own as well for any other property related website or even for any other type of website.

Website Traffic details of Sulekha Properties

Number of Visitors Compared

The above figure says all and this paragraph will put in some words to describe what all is displayed by the above figure. In India there are many property related websites popular. Sulekha Properties is one such effort by Sulekha New Media Pvt Ltd to attract advertisers looking forward to advertise their properties and people who are looking forward to rent, buy or sell properties. The above figure displays a rough data by google displaying how many visitors come to sulekha properties and the above figure also compares the number of visitors to sulekha properties with few other property related websites. Note the blue arrows display the number of visitors to sulekha properties from around Jan 2009 to Nov 2011 in a line graph. The graph says that out of the four property related websites compared, sulekha properties received the lowest traffic or number of visitors.

In case a Sulekha representative gives you a call, he / she will tell you that is popular and other related stuff. They will not tell you that there are other probable websites on which you can advertise your properties. Whether you are a property broker, property agent or are related to sale and purchase of properties, with above information you can find out which should be the website on which you should be advertising your properties. Have a close look on the above comparison graph and find out from which state a given property website is getting visitors. People looking for properties on internet related websites seems to be more in Delhi as compared to people in Punjab. Whether you are looking to advertise your properties, looking for properties to buy or rent, etc, this post should have given you enough data to compare number of visitors between various websites. Going ahead with Sulekha Properties for your property needs ?, give it a thought and decide the best website to go ahead with.